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The time clock wizard is providing an application that integrates following features and this is acting as the deciding authority of success rate of the company at any period of time. The application is designed in such a manner that user is able to customize the option whenever it is required. It helps in providing a periodic update or scheduled update from any department. Even if there is a long-term task is available in the company, this system is designed in such a way to provide the update on a daily basis and actions being carried out on the successive days.

Time And Attendance Solutions

As a chunk of an entire time management solution, time and attendance software can be used to accurately record the periods drove by your employees. This guarantees that every hour worked is noted and charted. By toting time and attendance software, you can avoid time fraud and make it stress-free for your staff to log in or out.

Absence Management Programs

Absence management programs help you apply your attendance policy. You can keep a record of absences and detect any absenteeism creating any major problem.

Employee Self-Service Modules

Employee self-service modules let your employees take more regulate over their timetable. They will be able to look their hours and make time off applications with ease.


Human Resources Software

The annexation of human resources software helps even greater control of payroll management. Improve the efficacy of your human resources crew. They can then dedicate extra of their time real human resources tasks. This could include focusing on the recruitment process. They could also have more time to spend on the improvising the employee training designs. Click this link, where people find application that integrates all these features.

Mobile Workforce Management

If you have employees that labor off-site, such as at a building site or handling service calls, then a mobile workforce management module can be extremely beneficial. Gain well control over time and performance & attendance. Keep track of your mobile workforce.

Employee Scheduling Application

This application helps in making an effective movement of time management in the company and it is able to customize in such a manner that is applicable to all kinds of industries. With developed scheduling software, you can pass less time creating a task. This software will make the well-organized use of your available hours. Looking at employee pay duties, abilities, and other metrics, every division can be effectively and efficiently valued. Special feature enhances the software as photo capture, smart IP recognition & geo locations tracks employees logging out in unauthorized locations.