16oz / 1lb propane bottle refill adapter #F276172

Refill 1lb bottles from your 20 lb cylinder.

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Part Number: F276172
Manufacturer: Mr Heater
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Female Throwaway Cylinder Thread x Soft Nose P.O.L

Device allows for economical refills and is environmentally friendly.

1lb bottles refill several times before the need to toss them.

Note: each 1lb bottle takes in less propane with each refill. Please do not call to ask this question because no one has the answer.

Just follow these 8 easy steps for best results:
  • Chill 1lb bottle in freezer for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Connect adapter to 20lb tank (wrench tight)
  • Connect 1 lb bottle to thread (hand tight)
  • Turn 20 lb

Due to local Canadian laws, the propane bottle refill adapter cannot be sold/purchased in Alberta.